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AR Services helps organizations in recovering overdue payments from insurance payers.

It Is Necessary to Have An A/R Team for Your Practice.

The accounts receivable follow-up team is responsible for correcting denied claims and rebilling them to insurance payers. Today, it demands dedicated billing professionals with a specialized skill set to oversee the A/R process.

3 Stages of The Medical Billing A/R Process

We perform the A/R follow-up in three steps:

Initial Evaluation

We start the identification and analysis of the claims listed on the A/R aging report.


OTB reviews the provider's policy and identifies which claims need to be corrected, rebilled & written off.

Analysis and Prioritizing

OTB will start prioritizing the claims that are uncollectible or unpaid. We then review the contracted rate of the payer to your medical office.


The claims we identify with being within the carrier's filing limit are re-billed after verifying all the necessary billing information.

After completing the payment details, patient statements are generated as per the client guidelines and sent to patients.

What Do A/R Specialists Do?

A/R analytics

A/R follow-up

The A/R analytics team is responsible for studying and analyzing denied claims as well as partial payments. Also, if any claim is found to have a coding error, the A/R team corrects it and resubmits the claim.

The A/R follow up team, on the other hand, continuously communicate with patients, healthcare service providers, and the insurance firms and takes necessary actions based on their feedback or responses. The skills and quality of services delivered by the A/R team eventually help in determining the financial health of a healthcare practice.